At EAT Nutrition & Wellness, we teach families how to holistically balance their blood sugar through the life changing magic of a whole food diet and real life habit change techniques.

Anna Martinson and Christa Johnson

At EAT Nutrition & Wellness, we teach families how to holistically balance their blood sugar through the life changing magic of a whole food diet and real life habit change techniques.

Anna Martinson &

Christa Johnson

Areas of Expertise


  • Bachelors Degree in Nursing

  • Registered Nurse

  • Busy mom of three


  • Masters Degree in Education

  • Holistic Nutrition Consultant

  • Former Elementary Education Teacher

  • Mom of two under three

Anna is a mother of three and Registered Nurse with a special interest in blood sugar disorders. Christa is a mother of two and holistic nutrition consultant with a Master’s Degree in Education. Together, they make EAT Nutrition and Wellness. As sisters, they found themselves in a never ending conversation about nutrition, the food industry, and disease prevention. They wanted to share their knowledge with other busy moms to help them find nutritious foods (their kids will actually eat!) to help balance blood sugar and make the kitchen a place they all love to be!

Our Story

As sisters, Anna and Christa have known each other for quite some time, but the story of EAT Nutrition and Wellness starts about 10 years ago.

Anna was a new mom deep in the throes of her Diet Coke & drive through addiction. Her family ate the traditional American diet, lived on convenience food, never missed an opportunity to hit up a Dairy Queen and lived in overall chaos with 3 kids under the age of 5. While she enjoyed cooking, a well-balanced meal at this stage of life meant a to-go order in each hand.

Meanwhile, Christa was a brand new Kindergarten teacher shocked at some of the behaviors she was seeing in her classroom and feeling high levels of inexplicable anxiety on a regular basis. Through her years in the classroom, Christa saw the difficulties students were facing, the foods they were eating, and the lack of nutrition education they were receiving. As Christa started learning more about nutrition and the positive effects of whole food on our body, she affectionately became our family’s “nutrition fairy godmother.”

While Anna admired her sister’s attitude towards nutrition, she didn’t feel she was in the stage of life where she could make such drastic changes. Even blue box mac and cheese seemed overwhelming at times. She was also pretty sure her kids weren’t going to switch from French fries to cauliflower. It wasn’t long however before she could no longer ignore what was right in front of her eyes as she began to see the negative effects of their fast-paced, poor-nutrition lifestyle. Her kids would only eat things that were brown and drink things that were full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Water was for swimming in, certainly not drinking plain. Energy was a rollercoaster- they were either wild and out of control or had no energy to do anything but sit around and snack. She realized she felt the same way. One day, as Anna was doing continuing education for her nursing license on the subject of diabetes, everything clicked… it’s not them, it’s our diet and lifestyle!

Christa realized how much her standard American diet (she even WORKED at Dairy Queen in high school!) was affecting her sleep and mood. She started digging into more books and podcasts and found some really inspiring people who were doing things differently. It was fascinating connecting the dots between nutrition and disease of all kinds. She wanted to help the parents, students, and educators she was working with understand that there may be a simple solution to some of the issues they were facing! In her last year as a 5th grade teacher, she wanted to skip the lessons on fractions and teach all of her students how to read a label (which she may have done once or twice).

Throughout those ten years, Anna & Christa also watched their beloved dad decline from the devastating effects of Parkinson's disease and dementia. Oh, how they wish they could have had this information sooner.

These reasons, and so many more, are why they are passionate about sharing their knowledge about the life changing magic of a whole foods diet. Combined with their expertise in habit change, they feel confident that all parents can feel equipped to feed their children nutritious foods that will keep their blood sugar stable and their families happy.

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Holistic Blood Sugar Balance for the Whole Family

Starter Kit Includes:

  • Diagnostic Quiz

Has sugar obsession taken over you or your family? Take our quiz to see if your relationship with sugar is less than sweet.

  • Tips

Our best ideas to help you overcome the power of sugar has on you and your family. These tips are small but mighty! The best part?! They actually work!

  • Habit Tracker

Use our 7 Day Habit Tracker to give you a visual cue as to all the awesome changes you can make in just a week. As we always say, "Little by little, a little becomes a lot!"

CLIENT Testimonial:

"I didn't know what to expect from the EAT Fundamentals program. I felt I learned a lot of tips, tricks and tools to bring home to my family and while shopping at the store. I learned about the different artificial dyes and ingredients that are not good for my family. I found it really helpful learning how to eat in the right order and have noticed a huge change in how I feel after I eat a meal."

-T.M, EAT client

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